DAIC Presents The Thriving Professional Woman Series

by: - July 21, 2020
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(DAIC) The Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce invites all professional and entrepreneurial women to a three-part series with Mindset & Movement Coach & Artist Carla Armour, Wednesdays on July 22 nd, August 5 th, and August 12 th, 2020 from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM.

This workshop series offers an hour of ‘Me-time’ for dynamic hard-working women. Carla will guide you through physical and reflective activities to nurture, self-compassionate, self-respect and courage. Using easily accessible tools, simple tips and creative tasks, you will come away re-energized, refocused and renewed in body, mind & spirit.

The topics for this series are:
Session 1:
Thriving as a Professional Woman; nurturing self-compassion & commitment for a life of ease and pleasures

Session 2:
Thriving as a Professional Woman; finding Clarity & Congruence to live with Purpose and Passion

Session 3:
Thriving as a Professional Woman; Developing authentic courage & deep connection to broaden your impact.
Who is this for?

If you are any kind of professional woman or entrepreneur who finds some of the following ring true to you, then you need to attend this Workshop.

  • You have difficulty striking a balance between your family home environment and the current demands of work.
  • You struggle to carve out any real ‘Me-time’ for critical self-care so you are actually physically tense, in pain, and may have back or shoulder or neck injuries.
  • You are feeling anxious and uncertain that you are taking your business or career in the right direction at this critical juncture.
  • You sometimes struggle with emotional composure because of stress and tension
  • Your spiritual practices and relationship commitments are falling aside so you could do with a little meaningful relationship and spiritual time to experience genuine communion and a lifted spirit.
  • You feel vulnerable and voiceless and need a confidence boost.
  • You would benefit from a nurturing ‘self-care session’ as a little break from all the exhaustion and constant work

What to expect from this Mind-body Coaching Workshop series?

You will release built-up tensions from the Fright Response by learning easy manageable mind-body practices that develop strength & stamina, releasing those Happy Hormones so you can awaken your inner power, living a balanced healthy life of consistent Commitment

You will find Clarity of purpose and develop deep Congruence between Passion and Vision

Encouraging and exploring Creativity and Innovative thinking so that you are resourceful and productive.

With creative play to make your Personal Proclamations, you will also make ongoing Contracts for your constant wins that add joy and gratification to keep up your motivation and momentum.

Using the ‘how ARE you’ check-in you will become Courageous and deepen your engagement with others and maintain the Rest & Recovery phase more easily so you can stay connected to all areas of your life and deepen your Connection to your Circles of Impact & Influence in the various areas of your life.

Already feel like you need to be present? We look forward to seeing you there. Ensure to register via the following link:

We also invite you to complete this short survey to increase the value that you derive from this experience and to customize to your need even more.

Come on this exciting journey to become a more thriving professional woman!

Yours truly,

Lizra Fabien
Executive Director